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Scheduled works on a Juniperus Chinensis

Whan we buy a tree, in particular when it is a nursery one without any bonsai bent, we use to start immediately in model it without any working and timescheduling.
It is important to proceed step by step in the time suitable for the tree to allow it to overcome the working stress.
(a cold greenhouse, during winter time, helps the trees recovery form repotting and working keeping humidity and warmer temperatures)
Thanks to my bad experiences, we must resist to get the result in a rush, the tree would be more satisfactory and healthier, sometime it may happen to obtain quicker the final result working with patience.
(In my opinion, for daily workshop and demo, only pre-prepared tree should be used.)
In this article I am talking about a bonsai worked in asingle day, lukyly it survived, but the mistakes negative marked the maturity of this tree.

Picture # 1
Late spring 1994 - The tree in the pruchasing moment: it was very thicken but too long to botain proportional layers for the final design. So shorter branches has benn selected, even if the needles were less mature.


Picture # 2
A single day modelling step: front location, branches selection, two shari carving, layer modellinge, and finally, repotting.


Picture # 3
Onother branches selection, wiring and branches positioning.

Picture # 4
For helping the health recovery it has been repotted on a more large pot and left free to grow.

Picture # 5
Autumn 1995: the tree was in the optimal conditions to be remodelled.



Picture # 6
Autumn 1996: the front vein was dead, so the actaul front was wrong, after possible solutions evaluation, a new front has been choosen.

Picture # 7
Thinking of the new design trying to use all the live branches keeping also branches useless in other occasions.

Picture # 8
Agoust 2001- A bonsai should never be considered finished but always under evaluation looking for new possible solutions to improve the tree harmony.



2006 - Donato Danisi